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21st March 2022

Do you own a range of costly automatic watches? 

We offer a wide range of watch winder safes that provide high levels of security for watches and jewellery. Generally, ensuring that high-value items are in a secure location within your premises is essential for peace of mind. Therefore, storing watches and jewellery inside watch winder safe will ensure that they remain safe and in good working condition. It will also prevent theft, loss and unwanted damage. Additionally, it will provide you with the ability to add your valuables to your insurance.

The high-security watch winder safes that we offer have various locking options, from key locks to biometric fingerprint locks. Besides, all of our safes go under rigorous testing to meet European standards, guaranteeing a high level of security and longevity. Moreover, we can manufacture a large range of sizes and grades from 0 to 6. The different grades showcase the value of the cash and valuables the safe can store inside. Hence, when deciding which grade to go for, thoroughly evaluate the items you want to store. 

High-security protection for valued possessions such as automatic watches, luxury watches, and jewellery usually requires bespoke intervention. Even though standard safes can provide you with high-security functions, they cannot offer features like watch winders and biometric fingerprint locking systems. Hence, we make our watch winder safes completely bespoke, so you can personalise the design and style of the safe. We offer a full range of RAL colours and various interior materials such as wood, glass plates, and leather. Furthermore, the interior features watch winders and jewellery drawer storage. Whether you’re a watch collector or own luxury watches that need additional security measures – our luxury watch winder safe is the ideal solution.

All of our bespoke and luxury watch winder safes are manufactured right here in the UK, providing quicker lead times on all of our projects. Give us a call on 0161 832 2777 to learn more about our bespoke and luxury high-security services.

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