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21st January 2022

Choosing a security solution for your business or home can be a difficult task. There are quite a few things that need to be considered. A few of them are: what’s the value of the items that it’s going to be stored inside, will the product need to be fireproof, whether some additional features will be necessary and many others. Therefore, having bespoke security solutions available to our customers is essential.

We often have customers requesting security solutions with specific requirements not usually featured with our standard security products. There are cases where our customers need a particular size, weight, various shelving systems and locking mechanisms, even colour or specific furnishings. Therefore, we have mastered our way in working with such requests via our bespoke services. We have a team of experts who has over 75 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing bespoke safes, cabinets, vaults and many other bespoke security solutions.

All of the bespoke products are manufactured here in the UK, in our own factory in Telford. Having a facility in such close proximity allows us to have better production transparency; we can also offer the opportunity for customers to come along and get a deeper insight into these processes first-hand through our factory tours. Visitors will gain further knowledge into how our designers, manufacturers & engineers undertake the task of creating Bespoke Security Solutions.

Bespoke Safes

When it comes to ordering a bespoke safe, we have a range of opportunities available for our customers. We can manufacture safes from Grade 0 – 6 grades in various sizing options. Moreover, we can provide electronic or combination locks, additional interior storage features, and many other additions. Our team can provide bespoke safes for both commercial and home needs.

Bespoke Cabinets

Bespoke cabinets are widely popular for commercial premises, although we still often receive orders for home use. Our team can construct cabinets with various internal compartments, additional drawers, sizes, weights, and other design features. We simply have all the stock and skills required to provide top-level security solutions.

If you need a bespoke safe, cabinet, or you may have another bespoke security solution request, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our expert team. We are always happy to share our knowledge and find you the best solution possible. Call us on 0161 832 2333, or email us at [email protected].

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