What are Fireproof Safes?


No matter what you call them – if you don’t know what to look out for, or what you need, your valuables might not be sufficiently protected…

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  • What options are available? There’s a variety of fire protection options.
  • Is it really necessary? If you don’t want to lose your valued goods to heat or fire damage…then yes.
  • Has it been properly tested? Well…ours have.

Ok, we’ll elaborate.

Fireproof Safes/Fire Safes etc. – whatever a business calls them, are essentially safes created with fire-resistant materials within the lining, usually between the walls.

This material works as insulation, to prevent heat or fire damage from occurring to the items kept within your safe.

Our Graded Safes are not only the best solution for homes & businesses alike as they’re insurance approved, but they’re also fire resistant for up to 60 minutes for paper goods.

But, there are still different types of fire protection and different lengths of resistance…

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Types of Fire Protection:

  • Paper – offering protection for any paper documents against heat/fire damage. This is probably the most common (& is what we offer) as safes used in homes & businesses usually contain a number of important documents, like deeds/wills/insurance information etc.
  • Digital Media – protecting things like USB’s, external hard drives & other digital devices. Another great solutions for both home security & business security needs, as many people nowadays have switched over to keeping things digitally instead of physically.
  • Data Protection – this is for things like internal hard drives & cellulose-based media, like film & negatives.

Is it really necessary?

I suppose the answer to that question is up to you.

Although you can take all the necessary measures to obey all of the fire safety regulations,
an unexpected fire isn’t always preventable.

Did you know that the most common cause of a fire is arson in commercial premises
– around 45% to be exact. This is usually just carried out as an opportunistic attack
as well – no real reason behind it.

Having that additional protection and peace of mind that should your property be
targeted, or if a fire were to unexpectedly break out the contents of your safe would
stand a much higher chance at receiving little to no damage is surely worth it.

Has it been properly tested?

There are regulations for all types of safes, insurance approved safes must meet AiS standards, and similarly, fireproof safes must meet European Standards for fire protection.

The standards for fire protection in safes in the UK is known as BS EN 1047 – each safe with fire resistance must surpass this standard to be sold as such. This involves extensive testing to make sure that the product can withstand certain levels of heat and fire exposure for varying lengths of time, depending on the afford protection the safe should have.

Safes can offer anywhere between 30 – 240 minutes of fire resistance.

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