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Efficient and Secure Safe Relocation: What You Need to Know

29th May 2024

Relocating your safe can be a daunting task. Whether you’re moving to a new home or office, it’s essential to ensure that your valuable security equipment is handled with care. This guide will walk you through the process, highlighting why hiring professional safe movers is the best choice for a smooth and secure transition.

Why Professional Safe Movers?

First, let’s address the primary concern: safety. Moving a safe is not just about its weight; it’s about avoiding injuries and preventing damage to both the safe and your property. Professional safe movers, like those at Associated Security Solutions, come equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to relocate your safe safely.

The Relocation Process

Step 1: Safe Removal

Initially, the safe needs to be removed from its current location. Attempting to do this yourself can result in serious injury or damage. Our experienced engineers use specialised equipment to uninstall the safe without causing harm. They then load it onto one of our specially designed vehicles, ensuring a secure and stress-free removal process.

Step 2: Transportation

Transporting a safe requires careful planning and the right equipment. Over the years, we’ve perfected our transportation methods. Our fleet includes lorries and trucks equipped with Hiab cranes and tail lifts, allowing for smooth and secure transit. For clients seeking discretion, we also offer unmarked vehicles with our private client services. This ensures that your safe is transported safely without drawing unnecessary attention.

Step 3: Installation at the New Location

Once the safe arrives at the new location, the installation process begins. This step varies depending on the type of safe and where you want to place the safe. Whether it’s bolted to the floor, mounted on a wall, or installed under the floor, our engineers handle the installation with precision. Their extensive experience ensures that the safe is securely and efficiently installed, giving you peace of mind.

Step 4: Aftercare

After the relocation, our support doesn’t end. We understand that issues can arise, such as lost keys or dead batteries in electronic locks. Our helpdesk is always available to assist with any post-relocation concerns. With our own safe manufacturing plant and engineers located across the UK, we can quickly reach you to resolve any problems, ensuring continuous security.

Nationwide Coverage and Expertise

At Associated Security Solutions, we offer safe relocation services across the UK. Our team of over 60 DBS-certified engineers is strategically located to provide prompt and professional service wherever you are. Whether your safe is in a basement, an upper floor, or any challenging location, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it.

Benefits of Professional Safe Relocation

Choosing professional safe movers offers several benefits beyond safety and security:

  • Efficiency: Professional movers can complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.
  • Specialised Equipment: Using the right tools and vehicles ensures that the safe is moved without any damage.
  • Stress Reduction: Knowing that experts are handling the move allows you to focus on other aspects of your relocation.
  • Compliance: Professional movers are knowledgeable about health and safety regulations, ensuring the move is conducted legally and safely.

Storage Solutions

In some cases, you might need to store your safe temporarily during the relocation process. We offer secure storage options in our nationwide warehouses. We protect your safe until you’re ready to install it at your new location. Our storage facilities feature state-of-the-art security systems, giving you peace of mind that your valuable safe and its contents are in good hands.

Why Choose Us?

We stand out due to our comprehensive approach to safe relocation. From the initial site survey to the final installation, we manage every detail. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, and our engineers are highly trained to ensure a hassle-free process. Additionally, we offer safe storage options in our nationwide warehouses if you need to store your safe temporarily during the move.

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