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Various types of access control systems

22nd February 2022

Access control is an essential security solution for many commercial and domestic premises. Ensuring that access is only granted to those with permission will help protect the assets inside. Access controlled rooms or buildings are much more difficult to penetrate and are more secure. But what types of access control are available, and which would best suit your needs?

Access control – the options are plentiful! 

There are many access control systems available to suit both domestic and commercial environments. At Associated Security, we stock a range of access control solutions to benefit our clients.

Manual door locks

Manual locks for doors operated by a key are still classed as an access control measure. Door locks don’t have to be restricted to front and back entrances. Installing manual locks on any areas of the premises that may have valuable assets kept inside will prevent unauthorised people from gaining access.

Electronic Access Control

Electronic access control can be operated by swipe cards, fobs, keypads, proximity readers, or even biometric systems. Electronic access control in place within your premises will allow only the approved members of staff or personnel access to restricted areas. These systems are available with audit trail facilities and time out zones to track who is entering the restricted areas at certain times.

Mechanical access control systems

Mechanical access control can work in various ways, through pin code access or authorised key access. The mechanical system is a secure door lock, which can only be opened by an authorised user through either the code or key. These can be fitted to all doors within the premises providing a high-security solution for protecting valuable assets.

What benefits does access control provide?

Access control not only provides a high-security solution for the assets kept within the premises, but it also provides peace of mind and security for anyone residing or working in the property. Providing a sense of security in the workplace or at home eliminates any premises security and personal security worries.

At Associated Security, we have a wide range of access control solutions to suit all commercial and domestic requirements. Ensuring that your premises is secure is vital to keeping those in it and its assets safe.

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