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Benefits of Access Control Systems

14th October 2020

Access Control Systems provide a huge range of benefits, and keeping your building secure is just one of them, a crucial one may I add, but there’s so much more these security solutions can offer. Our research and development teams are continuously analysing the varying requirements for Access Control features so that we can make sure we’re offering the most comprehensive range to suit every possible need.

Keeping your property secure is vital to ensure staff members or family members and confidential data and documents are protected, along with any other valuables kept inside the building.

Over our 75 years working within the security industry, we’ve installed Access Control Solutions for nearly every business sector there is, in addition to completing a vast number of home installations, providing each customer with a solution that fulfils their specific needs.

Access Control options

Access Control Solutions can be programmed to provide several different features, with products within our range containing Video Management integration, wire-free mobile app control, options for fob, swipe card, pin & biometric access, keypad scrambling solutions and larger-scale options including Interlocking Doors and Speed Gates – there are so many available options for protecting a premises.

Some of our most recent larger-scale projects have included Speed Gate installations in various large commercial premises, such as Banking Head Quarters, as well as in public spaces such as train stations – in these circumstances, they also help to ensure that fare dodgers are limited. Speed Gates offer an ideal solution for sites with a heavier foot-flow, allowing for access to be controlled and preventing unauthorised access. Speed Gates are used in many business environments and have been growing in popularity throughout 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic as more and more businesses are looking for simple and efficient solutions for managing the frequency in which people can enter.

Aside from the well-known benefits of Access Control Solutions for the protection of valued goods, the evolution of these systems to introduce more advantages over the years is impressive. Through integration, a range of our systems can be used to monitor and control all aspects of your premises. Heating, lighting, appliances and cameras on your property can be controlled, offering an all-in-one solution and making the upkeep and maintenance as simple as it could be.

What we can do for you

Our engineers are consistently providing our customers with the installation of new solutions, as well as the maintenance of their existing solutions to help keep their properties secure. From residential security through to large corporate requirements, there’s always more that can be implemented to improve upon the measures in place and further secure the premises and the valuables within.

Through experience gained due to the Access Control projects we have completed, we’ve been able to assist several sectors by helping them to understand the security measures that would best suit their needs and provide the most optimal solution.

Each year new Access Control Systems/features emerge to fill a gap in the market or a specific need. With these new options available we’re able to help individuals and businesses develop their security measures and policies, making sure that previously completed projects or new projects provide exactly what’s required, within budget & in good time.

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