The CLIQ ® is a security locking system, comprised of high-end micro-electronics, programmable keys and cylinders, with the ability to tailor the system to match different security and flexible access needs.

This wire-free system allows for each key to be individually programmed and updated to provide specific area access at specific times and dates, accomodating constantly changing access requirements and ensuring maximum flexibility. The software for the CLIQ makes it simple to manage, enable and disable access and keys in addition to allowing for the customisation of access schedules, both on-site or on the go.

The range of CLIQ access control solutions covers the requirements of all industries, with simple & flexible tracking, monitoring and usage through the app, its the perfect solution.

  • Comprised of high-end micro-electronics, programmable keys & cylinders
  • Wire-free system
  • Maximum flexibility of access
  • Allows for individual access to be granted to specific areas at specific times/dates


The CLIQ® system can be tailored to meet your exact demands, with further systems such as the PROTEC2CLIQ, eCLIQ and the CLIQ GO which provide varying security solutions for differing needs.

In addition to this highly innovative Access Control system, we’re also able to provide a hosting service to securely store your data for complete peace of mind.

The eCLIQ is a completely electronic cylinder platform, comprising of a system of programmable keys and compact locking cylinders to provide high levels of security and flexibility.

The PROTEC2CLIQ is tailored for premises within critical national infrastructure, enabling remote key management and providing comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks which fulfils the demands of regulators.

The CLIQ GO offers a secure solution for small businesses and/or private users. This electronic locking system allows for on-the-go control from your mobile device, or alternatively, allows for specialist control of the system through an authorised dealer.

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