Mechanical Access Control

Mechanical Access Control systems can be used in both home security and commercial security settings – helping you to restrict access where needed and protect your valued goods. With access granted through pin codes or authorised keys, mechanical access control is essentially a tougher version of your standard door locks – which also need to be up to Police standard to provide optimum protection – making it harder for forced entry to be gained. Protecting your valued goods and business assets such as cash, high net-worth items and equipment and important or confidential documents is essential, and without the proper security measures in place, you’re leaving them at risk…Read more…

  • Optional key override
  • Deadlocking cylinder latch
  • Programmed at keypad without removing from door
  • Access by single code


Our mechanical access control systems work in a number of ways, with access granted via pin codes or authorised keys.

When keys are inconvenient and security is still a must, the AsSec range of access control is available.

Whether you are a small independent business, a national chain, or a multi-national corporation, each business has vital assets that require high-security protection. Ensuring that your company assets, members of staff and any important documentation and data are sufficiently secure within your premises is essential for achieving peace of mind. Our high-security access control systems, such as our mechanical access control solutions, offer a secure solution to ensuring that unauthorised access cannot be gained to your premises or restricted areas within your premises.

Ensuring that access points to your premises are secured at all times eliminates the risks posed by opportunistic thieves, and provides a guarantee that only authorised personnel can gain entry.


  • Programmed at keypad without removing from the door
  • Internal or external use – weatherproof
  • Access by single code
  • Light or heavy duty – 3 hour UL/ULC fire rating
  • Optional key override
  • Deadlocking cylinder latch

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