Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control systems are ideal for use in both commercial security settings and even for home security where necessary. We offer a wide variety of electronic access control systems from several household-name brands such as Paxton – the leader in access control technology. Access Control systems, specifically electronic ones, are self-sufficient standalone systems that can be operated by fob, keycard, proximity readers or even biometric systems. These access solutions are most commonly used to prevent unauthorised access to restricted or prohibited areas, such as staff rooms. Our systems feature audit trails, making it easy to track access to certain areas of your premises, reducing the risks of anything going missing…Read more…

  • Access gained via keypad, swipe card, proximity reader, fobs
    or biometric systems
  • Self-sufficient standalone units or computer based systems
  • Systems available with time out zones and audit trail facility


Utilising electronic access control systems for security doors within your premises provides an effective solution to ensuring that only personnel with authorised access can enter. By having electronic access control systems installed within your premises, this ensures that your company assets, confidential documents and data, staff members and the overall property are protected from unauthorised personnel.

At Associated Security, we supply, install and offer maintenance on a vast array of  Access Control solutions  to meet the various business security requirements our clients have.

Features include:

  • Variety of locking options including magnetic locks, solenoid bolts and electronic strikes
  • Access gained via a keypad, swipe card, proximity reader, fobs or biometric systems
  • Self-sufficient, standalone units or computer-based systems
  • Systems available with time-out zones and audit trail facility
  • App-controlled access control systems available including random code generators

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