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19th January 2022

Deposit Safes are an ideal security option for commercial businesses. Many retail companies use deposit safes with air-tube, enveloped or drawer trap features, as they permit easy access to staff members. Hence, cash and receipts can be deposited securely without giving full access to the safe to various team members. For instance, the drawer trap safe has a safe drawer compartment attached to the safe and can be easily accessed using a key. It’s a great solution as companies can provide multiple keys to several employees without giving full access to the safe whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of possible theft. 

Air-tube safes provide you with even a simpler way of depositing wanted items. This type of safe benefits from a pneumatic tube which allows cash to be transferred directly into a safe even at another side the businesses premisses. Team members who need to deposit cash or receipts do not require any keys, making the process very easy and efficient. Another similar deposit safe that allows cash to be deposited easily is an envelope deposit safe. This particular safe has an envelope, often at the top of the safe, which permits employees to drop the cash inside that way. The cash then stays either in the main safe’s compartment, or it can also be kept in a separate internal cupboard. 

Generally, many other types of deposit safes are used in the industry. Here at Associated Security, we pride ourselves on having the best security solutions to suit a vast range of our customer requirements. Hence, we have an extensive range of deposit safes available for commercial use. We also have the ability to manufacture bespoke deposit safes if our customers have more specific requirements in terms of size, features, grade and even colour. 

If you would like to find out more about our full product range, please visit our website, or if you prefer discussing your options with our safe specialists, give us a call on 0161 832 2777. 

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