Associated Capsule Deposit Safe

Secure cash deposit
Insurance Approved

Capsule Deposit Safes offer a fast and simple deposit solution for many commercial premises, with capsules provided for a guaranteed fit, valued goods must simply be inserted into the slot on the safe. Available in Grades 0 – 5, our UK manufactured, AiS approved capsule deposit system makes securing cash, small valued goods and documents efficient and effective. Deposit safes reduce the risks of hold-ups or opportunistic attacks when the safe is unlocked and vulnerable, but still allow for valued items to be securely stored with ease…Read more…

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Our UK manufactured Associated Capsule Deposit Safe enables cash and small valuables to be securely deposited into a locked safe via a capsule tube located on the top of your Eurograde deposit safe.

Utilising a capsule deposit safe within your business premises ensures that items that regularly require secure storage within your graded commercial safe can be deposited with ease. Our Eurograde capsule deposit safes are suited to a variety of business security requirements and offers an ideal solution for a range of commercial premises.

AsSec Evolution 701 Safe Lock – 360

Evolution 701

  •  1 Master
  • 1 Manager
  • Single Lock
AsSec Evolution 702 Safe Lock 360

Evolution 702

  • 28 Users
  • 6-digit combination
  • Audit trail 500 Events
Associated Security Solutions – Locking Options – Dormakaba Axessor USB Safe Lock

Axessor USB

  • 18 Users, 2 Master code,
    1 Manager code, 1 Courier code
  • Time delay
  • Audit with time stamp
Associated Security Solutions – Tecnosicurezza MiniTech Safe Lock


  • 48 Users, 1 Manager, 1 Master
  • Time delay
  • Time and date audit

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