Associated Air Tube Deposit Safe

Secure Cash Deposit System
Ideal for retail environments

An Air Tube Deposit Safe provides a secure and efficient transfer solution for moving cash, documents or small valuables from their initial location – normally at the point of sale – to the locked safe in a restricted area of the premises. Air tube deposit safes help to avoid hold-ups on the shop floor whilst transporting cash and our solutions are UK manufactured and AiS approvedRead more…

  • Move cash through public areas securely
  • Reduce the risk and value of checkout snatches
  • No need to close POS during cash collection
  • Increase profitability
  • Capsules deposited into a secure graded cash safe


Our unique pneumatic tube system allows capsules of money to be deposited into a tube system at a collection point situated at the till. The capsule is taken through a tube system and deposited directly into a locked commercial safe.

  • Avoids hold-ups on the shop floor whilst carrying money to the cash office
  • Money is deposited on a regular basis, keeping the amount in the till minimal
  • Capsules are securely deposited into a locked safe out of sight and fitted with a time delay unit
  • Gives peace of mind knowing staff are not going to be attacked carrying large amounts of money across the shop floors
AsSec Evolution 701 Safe Lock – 360

Evolution 701

  •  1 Master
  • 1 Manager
  • Single Lock
AsSec Evolution 702 Safe Lock 360

Evolution 702

  • 28 Users
  • 6-digit combination
  • Audit trail 500 Events
Associated Security Solutions – Locking Options – Dormakaba Axessor USB Safe Lock

Axessor USB

  • 18 Users, 2 Master code,
    1 Manager code, 1 Courier code
  • Time delay
  • Audit with time stamp
Associated Security Solutions – Tecnosicurezza MiniTech Safe Lock


  • 48 Users, 1 Manager, 1 Master
  • Time delay
  • Time and date audit

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