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Cash Management Solutions

24th June 2022

Cash Management Solutions

Throughout our 75-year history, we have been involved with many industry sectors, all needing a variety of different cash management needs. Those involved in the field all know that cash management is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Here at Associated Security, we have listened to our customers in the retail, gaming, hospitality and banking industries. Thanks to them we have managed to have a comprehensive range of cash management solutions to meet the requirements of many.

Cash solutions:

Bulk Transfer Units & Vision Panels-

These units and panels protect both staff and customers against the risks of an attack. Our bulk transfer units (BTUs) can be installed through counters and external and internal walls.

They will also be installed at any convenient height for the secured transfer of valued goods. Our vision panels can also be fitted to internal and external walls or security doors, providing protection against physical attack and theft.

These secure bulk transfer units are designed with an electronic interlock which makes it impossible to open both doors at once, allowing for maximum security. 

Manual Bulk Transfer Unit
  • Approved for newer, larger CIT boxes
  • High security
  • Easy install
Vision Panels
  • Secure vision through walls and doors
  • Bullet resistant to G2/S86
  • Extensively tried and tested

Rotary Cash Transfer Unit

This is a compact system designed for the movement of bulk cash or valuables between secure and non-secure areas of a building. This unit provides a high level of communication with an even higher level of protection.

  • Single level operation with park lock
  • Electronic speech transfer
  • Constant ballistic overlap
  • Fits standard internal walls

Cash recycler

Our product offers an unrivalled note detection solution and protection against fraudulent notes. It’s designed to speed up transaction time and operator profitability, allowing for a reduction in back-office time required by staff. This product is highly reliable, with a 99% first-time acceptance of new and street grade notes for a streamlined cash counting process.

Our Cash Recycler solution is regarded as the best in its class, largely due to the efficiency of its performance in addition to the robust design and easy-to-use functions.

  • Full spectral imaging sensors validate the authenticity of notes
  • 100 note capacity bunch feeder
  • Acceptance speed <2 seconds
  • Constant refill available
  • Separate reject tray
  • Cost-efficient refill
  • 2 seconds note to note processing time
  • 4-way barcode acceptance
  • Unique barcode on each cash bag for full audit traceability
  • Recycler holds up to 70 notes ‘true’ mixed denomination and can store all denominations from a given currency
  • Internal memory for data logging and SD card for simple updates

Cash counter machines

Our machines provide a simple, fast and accurate way to automate the counting of notes and coins. Cash counting machines are an efficient way to speed up back-office management. It frees up staff time whilst also proving an accurate reading and eliminating human error.

Ideal for retail and hospitality security– our machines are one of the simplest, cost-effective solutions you can find to increase your productivity. They can also be tailored to manage banknotes, coins or both.

  • Counts a cash drawer in less than 60 seconds
  • Eliminates human error, and the need for double-checking
  • Dual currency & languages (14 currencies & 12 languages)
  • Provides a simple, fast and accurate way to automate the counting of notes and coins

Till solutions:

Till drawer units:

Our till drawer units are constructed from metal and are fitted with between 2 and 4 lockable drawers with inserts and 1 lockable bottom cupboard.

This lockable cupboard can be tailored to meet our client’s individual needs e.g. fitting a lockable metal coffer inside or drilling holes into the side to allow for electric cables.

  • Constructed from metal
  • 2-4 lockable drawer
  • Drawers fitted with an insert
  • 1 lockable bottom cupboard

4-point cash drawer

The 4 Point cash drawer has been designed for the storage of banknotes, coins & documents during working hours, suitable for a wide range of commercial premises for the secure storage of cash and documents within various premises.

With an integrated keypad, codes and time delay settings for each drawer can be easily programmed and only one drawer can be opened at any time with each drawer having a separate time delay function.

  • Easy programming of time delay locking
  • Only one drawer can open at a time
  • Each drawer is locked to the body of the cabinet
  • Adjustable height
  • Ideal for the storage of banknotes at the cash point

Integrated Skimmer and Flip Lid Skimmer

Both our Integrated Skimmer and Flip Lid Skimmer work as the optimal solution to protecting businesses against the risks of retail crime.

Theft from retailers has continually increased over recent years, making it even more vital that the daily takings are securely protected from an opportunist thief.

  • Robust steel construction
  • Steel ball-bearing runners
  • Drawer status micro switch
  • Unique internal skimming note compartment
  • Internal secure note storage box
  • Metal fabricated insert


Forgery Detection

 Counterfeit Banknote Detector

The Counterfeit Banknote Detector allows you to detect forged notes by using its powerful 9W UV lamp for UV detection of banknote security features.

The use of ultra-violet light within these products uncovers the security features on the notes, providing a quick & simple yet highly efficient solution to preventing the use of forged cash.

But, our counterfeit banknote detector doesn’t just help to detect forged notes, it can also detect the security features built into ID documentation such as passports, features on credit cards and UV ink used for the protection of valued goods against theft

  • Powerful UV Detection, with 9W UV Lamp
  • Detection on polymer notes
  • Compact design that’s easy to use
  • Low-cost, effective solution

Electronic Banknote Detector

The Electronic Banknote Detector is a small, compact and reliable forgery detection unit with a large, easy-to-read LCD display.  The unit will automatically count the denomination and value of the notes as they pass through the sensor. If any notes are found to be counterfeited, the unit will emit an audible alarm.

Our electronic banknote detector works as standard with EUR / GBP / CHF notes but can be programmed for different monetary denominations.

  • Banknotes can be presented in any direction
  • Detection speed of <0.5 seconds per note
  • Lithium battery or mains power
  • 2D size detection
  • Ultraviolet detection
  • Magnetic ink detection
  • Metal thread detection
  • Infrared accurate detection


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