Rotary Cash Transfer Unit

Our Rotary Cash Transfer Unit is a compact system designed for the movement of bulk cash or valuables between secure and non-secure areas within buildings. With simple single-level operations and a convenient load height, it is extremely user friendly for individuals in both the secure and non-secure areas. The Rotary Cash Transfer Unit provides a high level of communication, with its identification window and an electronic speech transfer unit, which includes a call button, operators mute button, and DDS approved induction loop. Ideal for commercial security needs, this highly effective cash management system can provide a simple and easy transfer solution between staff and couriers such as G4SRead more…

  • Single level operation with park lock
  • Electronic speech transfer
  • Constant ballistic overlap
  • Fits standard internal walls


With no complex mechanical electronic or interlock systems, it is virtually maintenance-free and comes with a 12-month warranty on all major components. The main body and drum assembly are fabricated used folder and rolled sections of 4mm thick high tensile steel plates and the vision window is a 42mm thick glass/poly card laminated. Operating the unit is simple, safe and secure. The hatch is opened and closed by a controller in the secure area via a single level. During this process, a constant ballistic overlap ensures the secure side is protected at all times.

We can also offer a Rotary Cash Transfer Unit solution for external use, constructed from weatherproof materials. This allows for the secure transfer of cash without required access to the premises or compromising on security. Not only this, but we also offer a solution that can be installed to vehicles to securely move cash whilst on the road. Our AMS- Type Transfer system is manually operated for easy transfer, and with security ensured by the drum design, this allows the cargo to be inspected in the closed condition. With installation by our trained in-house team of engineers, we can ensure this secure Cash Transfer solution is fitted efficiently and effectively to get your Rotary Cash Transfer Unit up and running in no time at all.

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