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A Step-by-Step Guide

9th March 2022

A Step-by-Step Guide: Which Safe is Right for Me? 

1. What am I protecting in my safe?

Safes come in a vast range of sizes and shapes, and what you’re protecting will affect the type of safe you select. Smaller safes are ideal for storing a small amount of cash or keeping important documents. On the other hand, the larger items such as larger jewellery pieces, confidential data or electronic goods need to be held in larger units. Therefore, we advise you to think long-term when deciding what size to go for. Generally, safes are the type of investment that you don’t need to make often.

2. What am I protecting my valuables from? 

Safes have protection against various types of hazards. For instance, if you’re looking for a safe to protect you against burglaries, the burglary protection safes contain complex lock systems. Moreover, it has thick, impenetrable walls and secure, substantial doors that provide even higher protection. Whereas, if you are looking for a safe that can protect your valuables against fire – fire resistance safes are an ideal option for that purpose. This particular type of safes are constructed from galvanised steel plates and have a virtually airtight recessed curvature door. As a result, these design features prevent fire and smoke damage to the contents of the safe.

3. Where would I keep my safe? 

The best spot for your safe will depend on the layout and the actual design of your house or business. For instance, to avoid tempting potential thieves, most people prefer to keep their safe in an inconspicuous area. For example, floor and wall safes can be concealed beneath rugs and behind paintings or wall art as an added measure of caution. In contrast, the added security can be valueless without it being bolted to a concrete floor or solid wall – as thieves might lever the safe out.

4. What’s my budget? 

Smaller safes are usually cheaper and ideal for storing fewer items in the home. Moreover, they can also be suited to protecting valuables such as smaller jewellery and personal documents. On the other hand, larger safes are designed to protect larger items of greater value and are very difficult to remove or damage. Furthermore, if the safe needs to fit well within the home interior, luxury safes provide exactly that; colours, safe interior, finishes, and sizes can be made completely bespoke.

5. Specific commercial safes 

There are specific safes such as deposit safes, ideal for retail outlets, as cash, vouchers, and cheques can be stored quickly and discretely. Whilst for pharmaceutical environments such as doctor surgeries and hospitals, controlled medicines and drugs cabinets offer ideal secure storage solutions.

Here at Associated Security Solutions, we have a wide range of safes available for home or business premises. Visit our website to see our range, or get in touch with our expert team on tel 01618322777.

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