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What is Retail Security

1st September 2022

Why Security in retail is paramount

Here at Associated Security, we have a range of security solutions perfect for the retail industry. So, what is retail security? We have the answer for you: a selection of Eurograde safes, access control solutions, cash management solutions, and much more. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can ensure security in retail with our company.

High-security retail solutions

Protecting company assets, cash, equipment, and staff belongings at your retail premises is essential for preventing losses and achieving peace of mind. You can rest assured that Associated Security can cover all aspects and areas of your business with our extensive range of high-security solutions.


Our cash safes provide exceptional deterrence against theft, and are available range of sizes and gradings, allowing our clients to receive the best possible solution for their secure storage needs. With grades 0 to 6 available, offering between £6,000 and £150,000 in recommended overnight cash cover. Furthermore, Our safes can be also be fitted with a wide range of deposit features

Cash management solutions

The secure storage and taking of cash within retail environments must be sufficiently protected with the appropriate security measures in place. we have a wide range of till solutions and cash management solutions available, These include counter caches, flip lid skimmers, till safes, cash counters, coin sorters, and forgery note detection devices.

Access control and door lock solutions

Our access control solutions and door locking systems are ideal for retail. By using these, premises can ensure restricted areas cannot be accessed without authorization. The access control technologies we offer can be operated by fob, key, swipe card, code, or biometric systems. Furthermore, the audit trails allow you to keep track of when an entrance device was used.

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To conclude, protecting your retail premises should be your top priority, and we can help you do that. Please contact a member of our team on 0161 832 2777  if you would like to discuss retail security further.

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