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16th October 2021

Commercial security needs

At Associated Security, we understand that commercial security needs vary from company to company, which is why we have developed a large range of Eurograde business safes to suit all specifications. Ensuring that your business has sufficient security measures in place to assure that cash and other valuables, sensitive information, important documentation and company assets are protected from the risks of loss, damage and theft is essential for achieving peace of mind.

Securing your commercial premises with a business safe from our extensive range ensures that valued assets can be appropriately stored in our high-security UK manufactured solutions. At Associated Security, we understand that every business has different security requirements and needs that must be met. Due to the varying requirements for our clients, we have developed our sizeable range of commercial security solutions, including our range of Eurograde business safes.

Our business safes are available in a vast array of sizes and can be purchased in Grades 0 through to grade 6. The gradings of our business safes relate to the recommended overnight cash and valuables cover that the safes have been attributed through stringent testing. All of the business safes we manufacture have been tested and certified to ensure they comply with both British and European standards, and offer the advertised security levels that insurers would use in order to offer cover for the contents of your safe, should you wish to add insurance cover for your company assets.

Commercial security measures are essential in preventing company losses, both internally and externally. By utilising a business safe within your company premises, will ensure that unauthorised personnel could not gain access to any cash, valued assets, sensitive information or important documentation stored within the business safe.

Within our extensive range of commercial security solutions and business safes, we offer deposit safes and features, which can be manufactured in our full range of Eurograde certified security solutions. We offer envelope slot deposit features, drawer trap deposits, capsule deposits, and rotunda deposit options, allowing the secure depositing of cash, valued assets or important documentation into the body of a business safe, without the requirement for access to the safe door. Having a Eurograde deposit business safe installed within your premises offers a reduced risk of internal theft, as staff members would not require keys or access codes to the safe in order to deposit company assets.

Not only do we offer a wide range of commercial security solutions, we also offer a wide range of services, tailored to provide hassle-free assistance for our clients. Our safe delivery and installation service provides assurance that our high-security products and solutions are professionally and efficiently installed within your premises. We also offer our relocation & removal services to assist our clients should they require the relocation of a safe or removal of an old security product, in addition to our maintenance services to ensure our clients receive the assistance they require 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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