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Secure Storage Solutions: Exploring Our Range of Cabinets

24th January 2024

In the ever changing security landscape, having robust and reliable storage solutions cannot be overstated. At Associated Security Solutions, we take pride in offering an extensive line-up of cabinets that go beyond mere storage – they are fortresses designed to safeguard what matters most, keeping your valuables secure and loved ones safe. From high security storage cabinets to specialised solutions like gun cabinets and controlled drugs cabinets, our range is a testament to our commitment to your security needs.

High-Security Storage Cabinets:

Our UK-manufactured High-Security Storage Cabinets are not just insurance approved; they are a testament to our dedication to meeting British and European standards. With various sizes and locking options, these cabinets provide a secure haven for important documents, high value assets, and vital equipment. Whether for home or business security, our cabinets, fitted with VdS approved safe locks and internal shelving, offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

AS-2020-AiS-Insurance-Approved-Associated Security Secure Storage Cabinets 700l Made In Britain

Gun Cabinets:

Compliance with firearm storage laws is non negotiable, and our Gun Safes and Cabinets exceed the UK standard (BS 7758). Customisable with locking, shelving, and internal compartments, these solutions cater to individual storage requirements. AiS approved and designed for all firearm and ammunition storage needs, our gun cabinets ensure not only the security of your firearms but also prevent any potential harm should they fall into the wrong hands.

Associated Security, Gun Cabinet, Gun safe-2

Medicine Cabinets:

In the medical field, security is paramount. We design our insurance approved Medicine and Controlled Drugs Cabinets for retail, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, and nursing homes. Moreover, they serve as an ideal security solution for personal use at home. With sizes ranging from standard to bespoke, these cabinets adhere to UK standards for drug storage, offering protection for both the stored items and the well-being of staff and the public.

Medicine & Controlled Drugs Cabinets

Dual Door Controlled Drugs Cabinets:

Our Dual Door Controlled Drugs Cabinet is an innovative blend of a controlled drugs cabinet and a safe. With dual compartments catering to varying storage needs, this solution minimises the risks associated with frequent access. AiS approved and manufactured in-house, it stands out as a unique and secure storage option for various commercial premises.

Associated Security Medicine and Controlled Drugs Cabinet – Medicine Cabinet – Dual Door – Electronic Safe Lock – Manual Safe Lock Door Open-11

Double Door Controlled Drugs Cabinets:

For larger storage requirements, our Double Door Controlled Drugs Cabinet provides a robust solution. AiS approved and securely installed by our in-house professional team, this freestanding unit is ideal for large commercial premises. Adjustable internal shelving ensures the secure storage of a substantial number of controlled drugs and valuable items.

Associated Security Secure Storage Cabinets Double Door Made In Britain-8

Key Cabinets:

Our UK-manufactured key cabinets, available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings, offer secure storage for keys in various settings. From low-risk to high-risk environments, these cabinets can be wall-mounted, providing peace of mind that access is restricted to authorised personnel.

Associated Security- Securikey- Key Cabinet & Leaf

Specialist Key Cabinets:

Our Specialist Key Cabinets, with a plexiglass window, offer a visual check of keys at all times. Bronze-rated and ideal for controlled areas, these cabinets come with adjustable colour-coded and numbered hook bars for customisation.

Associated Security KG050 – System Viewable Key Cabinet for 50 keys-3

Self-Closing Key Cabinets:

Our AiS-approved Self-Closing Key Cabinets, designed for pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, and banking environments, provide secure storage for 25 to 100 keys. The spring loaded self closer minimises the risks of leaving the cabinet unsecured and can provide additional security with the combination of a digital lock.

Associated Security Self Closing Key Cabinets (1)

Traka 21 Key Cabinet:

Revolutionising key storage, the Traka 21 Key Cabinet is a digital plug and play solution with pin code access. AiS approved and equipped with audit trails, this cabinet provides an innovative and secure way to trace and account for every key.

Traka 21 Key Cabinet Associated Security-123

Bespoke Cabinets:

Crafting Bespoke Cabinets tailored to specific storage needs is our expertise, catering to both home security and business requirements. With over 75 years of experience, our project and account management, in-house design, and manufacturing teams can work alongside you to actively create unique solutions, ensuring the secure storage of your valued goods, business assets, or important documentation as per your requirements.

Bespoke Cabinets Solutions_Associated Security

Reconditioned Cabinets:

Our Reconditioned Cabinets are a perfect blend of security, affordability, and eco friendliness. We refurbish second-hand cabinets in-house, ensuring they meet British Standards. From high security safes to controlled drugs and fire resistant cabinets, each undergoes a comprehensive service, health and safety check, and fresh paint job and is installed with new locking mechanisms.

Associated Security Reconditioned Cabinets – Second Hand Cabinets – Second hand security cabinets

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