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Our range of UK-manufactured key cabinets includes Bronze, Silver & Gold rated solutions – each providing differing levels of secure storage for your keys. Key cabinets are essential in business settings, providing a secure location for keys to be stored to reduce the risks of loss or unauthorised access to prohibited areas. Constructed from between 1.5mm steel to 3mm steel to provide options for all needs, from low-risk to high-risk environments, our key cabinets can be securely mounted to walls to even further safeguard your keys. Sectors such as retail, banking, pharmaceutical & hospitality, in addition to office settings benefit immensely from the installation of key cabinets – providing peace of mind that access is restricted to authorised personnel only… Read more…



We have a wide variety of key cabinets in Bronze, Silver and Gold ratings available to suit an array of differing secure storage requirements, offering our key storage cabinets in sizes to hold anywhere from 2 keys to 1000 keys, ensuring all of our clients secure key storage requirements can be catered to. The high-security Silver and Gold rated Key Cabinets offer an ideal solution for medium to high-risk environments.

Ensuring that unauthorised access to prohibited areas or secure storage solutions within your premises is prevented is essential in protecting your company assets. With a high-security key cabinet from Associated Security, you can ensure that your keys are securely stored and that access can only be granted to authorised members of staff.

BRONZE Key Cabinets – Constructed from 1.5mm steel for low-risk environments

SILVER Key Cabinets – Constructed from 2.5mm steel for medium-risk environments

GOLD Key Cabinets – Constructed from 3mm steel for high-risk environments

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