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21st April 2021

 Bespoke vaults & strongrooms for commercial use

Ensuring that your business premises has appropriate security measures in place for the protection of company assets, important documentation and valued goods is essential. Our bespoke strongroom & vault service offers the highest levels of security for your business! At Associated Security, we offer high-security strongrooms and vaults, which can be manufactured to meet your exact requirements and security needs. If your premises requires a high level of security for the protection of valued goods or company assets, utilising our UK manufactured strongroom & vault service will provide the ideal security solution for your needs. Strongrooms & vaults offer an unparalleled level of protection, ensuring that valued goods stored within these high-security facilities cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel, and therefore, are at a significantly reduced risk of damage or theft.

Keeping items of value on your business premises without the appropriate security measures in place can leave these items at risk, in addition to putting the entire premises and your members of staff at risk. Utilising a strong room or vault within your business premises allows for the high-security storage of any high-value items, confidential data, sensitive information, cash or company assets that would benefit from the additional protection provided. Our expert manufacturing team utilise modern design and construction methods in addition to using highly robust materials to manufacture our high-security strongrooms and vaults.

Our strongroom and vault service can be tailored to meet the client’s exact specifications in regards to offering various shapes and sizes in which they can be manufactured. Not only do we manufacture our strong rooms and vaults in any shape or size necessary, we also offer various security gradings, which provide differing levels of cover for the valued items stored within the strong room or vault. At Associated Security, our highly trained installers can erect our strongrooms and vaults in both an existing building, or out in the open, whichever best suits the client’s requirements and specifications.

With our bespoke strongroom and vault manufacture and fabrication service, our clients can receive a high-security solution in as little as 8 weeks that exceeds their expectations. We offer a range of locking solutions for our strongrooms and vaults, including our strongroom and vault doors and fire-rated steel doors, to ensure that unauthorised access to the valued assets stored within the strongroom or vault cannot be gained.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to discuss our tailor-made strong rooms and vault services and enquire about increasing your business security measures today. Give us a call on 0161 832 2777 or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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