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Advantages of Choosing a Custom Safe

11th April 2023

When it comes to protecting valuable items, investing in a high-quality safe is essential. But with so many options on the market, finding a safe that meets all your specific needs can be challenging. One solution to this problem is to invest in a custom built safe. If you are on this blog, then congratulations. You’ve taken the first step in the right direction by considering custom building your safe.

Here are some advantages of purchasing a custom built safe:

Size options

One of the most significant advantage of a custom built safe is tailoring it to your exact size based on your available space. You can design a custom safe to fit your unique space requirements and provide the right storage space for your valuable items. This allows you to store your valuables, documents, and other important items with ease.

Locking options

You can choose a locking mechanism that is more advanced than traditional key locks, such as electronic locks that require a passcode or biometric data for access. We at Associated Security Solutions have a wide range of safe locks. We also have an expert team of advisors who can guide you through the process to help finalize the right locking mechanism for your needs.

Shelving and storage options

When choosing your custom safe, you can also choose how the inside layout should be. You can choose from various options such as a lockable compartment within the safe to drawers and shelves.

  • Lockable compartments: If you have items that require an extra level of security within your safe, such as jewellery or sensitive documents, you can choose to have a lockable compartment installed within the safe.
  • Drawers and shelves: Depending on what you plan to store in your safe, you can choose to have drawers and shelves installed to help keep your items organized and easy to access.
  • Adjustable shelving: If you have items of varying sizes that you need to store in your safe, you can opt for adjustable shelving to allow for greater flexibility in organizing your items.
  • Interior lighting: If you need to access your safe in low-light conditions, you can choose to have interior lighting installed to make it easier to see your items and more…

Remember, the interior layout of your safe is just as important as the exterior, so take some time to consider your options before making a final decision.

Deposit options

The other advantage of choosing a custom made safe is you can choose a deposit option that is suited for a variety of commercial or retail requirements. Deposit options from Air Tube Systems that provide a secure and efficient transfer solution for moving cash to depositing goods into a lockable internal compartment with a Rotary Deposit function and many more. Check out our wide range of deposit options here.

Tailored aesthetics

You can also design a custom built safe to fit in with the decor of your home or office. You can choose the safe’s colour, finish, and style to ensure it blends seamlessly with its surroundings. This can be especially important if you plan to place the safe in a prominent location, such as a living room or reception area.

To conclude

Investing in a custom built safe is an excellent option if you want a safe tailored to your specific needs. You can design a custom built safe to fit your unique space requirements, provide suitable storage space for your valuable items, and offer advanced locking mechanisms. Check out our dedicated custom safe options page here.

Our bespoke security service provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with us in making a tailor made security solution that’s designed specifically for you. Our expert design and manufacturing team at Telford regularly create and tests new styles. We take into account all your specifications and needs to create a truly unique product that fulfils your requirements entirely whilst adhering to all the necessary safe standards and security needs.

To discuss your ideas with one of our bespoke safe specialists, call us today on 0161 832 2777 or fill out our online contact form below.

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