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Our Note Counter solutions are ideal for use in all retail applications – providing a high level of counterfeit detection through these simple yet highly efficient machines. With options for smaller business requirements, up to large commercial needs, our Note Counter devices offer the ideal solution for your intelligent cash handling needs. We offer a variety of note counter solutions – with varying currency options and suitability, making sure we can cover the needs of all of our customers. Adding something as simple as a note counter to your business security measures not only helps to prevent mistakes from occurring but will free up time for staff when it comes to the back-office management… Read more…

  • Counting speed 600, 1200 or 1500 notes per minute (selectable)
  • Display type: LCD 3 digit batch display 4 digit count display
  • Document size limits 1.97″ x 3.35″ to 4.33″ x 7.28″
  • Hopper capacity 300 circulated notes
  • Stacker capacity 500 circulated notes


Our range of Note Counting machines covers a wide range of retail requirements. With options for smaller business requirements, up to large commercial needs, the Associated Note Counters offer the ideal solution for your intelligent cash handling needs.

CBT 20 Piece Counter

The CTB20 is a basic friction note counter which counts notes at high speed whilst also using ultraviolet light for forgery detection. This intelligent Cash Counting machine picks out counterfeits, ensuring that none are reissued or banked, whilst helping to largely reduce the time spent cashing up and banking, allowing your staff more time for customer-focused operations.

  • The ideal solution for pre-sorted banknotes
  • Piece counter if you want to determine the number of bills
  • Perfect if you have a small counting volume (about 200,000 banknotes/year)
  • Affordable when looking for a low-cost entry model
  • Currencies: EUR, GBP further optional
  • Ideal for small counting volumes
  • Authenticity test: UV I IR
  • Bundle function (counting stop according to specified number of shots)

Piece Counter with Counterfeit Detection

This back-feed machine is suitable for smaller volumes of banknotes. Once counted out by value, an overall result is displayed for the number of banknotes sorted, and denomination of such banknotes. This machine, categorised as a ‘backloading’ cash counting machine, allows for notes to be fed in through the back. This allows for smaller quantities to be counted with the utmost efficiency. 

  • Value and piece counter
  • Ideal for small counting volumes
  • Counterfeit detection: UV / IR / MG / SD
  • TET – colour display
  • USB – connection for smooth EURO 2 updates
  • Print function for a clear printout of the counting results

Value Counter

The rapid count T series counts and tests for counterfeit banknotes. With a speed of up to 1500 banknotes per minute, this value counter will quickly count and display an accurate counting result on the front LCD display. Banknotes can be placed on the feeder even during machine counting operation. Up to 8 currencies can be programmed and selected with the press of a button, providing an ideal secure cash counting solution for business security solutions both in the UK and abroad. In addition to its appealing appearance and simplicity of operation, the value cash counter offers robust functionality with automatic start, full error detection, adjustable speed, variable currency batching, and accumulation mode.

  • 8 selectable currencies (option)
  • Lightweight
  • Fast operation
  • Count mixed denominations
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Low power consumption

CIS Value Counter

Compact and powerful, the CIS Value Counter is a state-of-the-art heavy-duty 2 pocket friction note counter. Accepting all grades of notes, this cash counting machine can act as a day to day counter and fitness sorter for processing mixed and sorted notes. With high-end CIS forgery detection, batching and sorting features this machine leaves all others behind when it comes to note processing and reliability.

This intelligent cash counting machine streamlines your cash handling process by eliminating the need to manually sort and count notes. With high-end forgery detection it can be used to process large cash payments and process and batch your notes for ATM use or daily or weekly banking

Piece and value counter

  • Currency: EUR | GBP | USD | RON | CHF | PLN
  • 100% reliable authenticity check *
  • Authenticity test: UV | IR | MG | MT | SD | CIS
  • Ideal for high counting volumes
  • Simultaneous counting of different currencies possible
  • Large feeder for high banknote stacks
  • High-quality TFT color display with touch screen surface
  • Suspicious, heavily soiled or damaged banknotes are sorted into    the additional reject bin so that counting is not interrupted
  • Display of total amount and quantities per variety
  • Bundle function (counting stop according to set value or a specified number of shots)
  • Print function for a clear printout of the counting results
  • Sorting of banknotes by type and orientation possible
  • Serial numbers are recognised and can be printed if necessary
  • Easy-to-open transport units allow the removal of compressed or entangled banknotes and the convenient cleaning of the machine

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