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What is a Graded Safe?

30th November 2020

What’s a Graded Safe?

Graded Safes refer to both domestic safes (or as they’re more commonly called – home safes) and commercial safes which have been tested and certified to Eurograde standards. What this means is that the safes undergo specific and rigorous testing to make sure that they’re providing the required protection for each grading level.

In terms of the different levels, Graded Safes are generally available from Grade 0 – Grade 6, and each of these variations offers cash cover and valuables cover – with the amount ascending throughout the grades.

Basically, a Grade 0 Safe offers £6,000 cash cover & £60,000 valuables cover – quick tip: the valuables cover will always be 10x the cash cover amount – and a Grade 6 Safe offers £150,000 cash cover and £1.5M valuables cover. So, to offer protection for these extremely high values, there’s got to be standards met and certification provided.

Our Graded Safes are tested and certified to LPS 1183 Issue 4 by the LPCB – or the Loss Prevention Certification Board, who are part of the BRE Group – they’ve been around for over 100 years, working alongside insurers & industry professionals to make sure fire & security products function as effectively as possible.

Speaking of insurers, Graded Safes are typically insurance approved – meaning that you’re able to add the contents of your safe to your insurance plan if you’d like. Insurance approved safes, or as you may have seen them called, AiS approved safes, are vetted by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (or the AiS…as you can see patterns are emerging – we love a good acronym in the security industry).

So, to sum up – Graded Safes offer cash & valuables cover starting from £6,000, are subject to extreme testing & certification to Eurograde standards and they’ve got the stamp of approval for insurance protection.

Do I really need a graded safe?

If you’re still wondering if you really need one, we can let you know even more of our industry secrets (ok – they’re not really industry secrets, but anyway…).

Fire protection is also a factor that these Eurograde Safes must be tested to – the most common level provided is protection for up to 60 minutes for paper documents – specifically, BS 476 Part 20. This covers any paper items inside your safe against heat and fire damage for up to an hour, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of ordering a new passport, sorting out deeds or grieving the loss of irreplaceable hand-written notes or photographs if your home or business caught fire.

Our Graded Safes are manufactured under the control of ISO9001 – which, simply put, means our manufacturing process meets the international standard requirements for a QMS – proving our ability to meet both customer & regulatory requirements.

The question still stands though – do you need a Graded Safe?

Well, if you’re looking for something that’s going to safeguard what matters most to you, something like, I don’t know, a home safe or a business safe…a Graded Safe is going to tick all your boxes, and boxes you’d never even considered.

These insurance approved secure storage solutions are so much more than glorified steel boxes – they’re a reason for you to sleep better at night, a weight lifted off your shoulders, a stress and anxiety reliever.

Don’t hold on to this feeling of unease, constantly fretting that your most valued goods aren’t protected well enough, and simply invest in something that’s going to provide more than enough protection.

grade 0 safe – £6,000 cash cover & £60,000 valuables cover

grade 1 safe–  £10,000 cash cover & £100,000 valuables cover

grade 2 safe – £17,500 cash cover & £1750,000 valuables cover

grade 3 safe – £35,000 cash cover & £350,000 valuables cover

grade 4 safe – £60,000 cash cover & £600,000 valuables cover

grade 5 safe – £100,000 cash cover & £1M valuables cover

grade 6 safe – £150,000 cash cover & £1.5M valuables cover


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