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What are the benefits of an AiS approved safe?

8th April 2021

Maybe you’ve come across the term ‘AiS Approved Safe’ on your hunt for the ideal home or business solution – but, what is it? What does it mean?

Firstly, let’s explain what the AiS actually is.

AiS stands for the Association of Insurance Surveyors and they’re a well-known and highly respected body of individual risk control and reduction experts working in the insurance sector throughout the UK.

Our own range are AiS approved safes, which means that assessment has been carried out by the association to ensure that these security solutions provide substantial safety for their contents and can therefore be listed on an insurance policy.

What benefits does an AiS approved safe provide?

Basically – they allow you to obtain insurance cover for what’s stored in the safe. Many insurance providers will specify you need an AiS approved safe if you want cover for that very expensive watch or necklace.

Our insurance approved safes have been tested to the highest standards and stringent requirements of European Safe testing as outlined in LPS 1183 Issue 4 and to the European standards for safes EN 1143-1:2015. Plus, they’re tested and certified by the LPCB and manufactured in Britain under the control of ISO9001 using the latest technology and production techniques.

AiS approved safes have been authorised by impartial surveyors who work to ensure the improvement of their members’ skills and their job satisfaction. Safes are approved by the AiS through collation, collection and dissemination of information regarding the safes and their specifications.

When choosing a safe, the many features and various cash/valuables ratings could seem confusing or even daunting. However, if you are considering purchasing a safe to increase your home or businesses security then an AiS approved safe should come as a first priority when debating what level of security you may require.

Increase Your Security

Whether you’re looking at protecting your home or a commercial environment, a safe will provide added protection to any cash or valuables you may be storing. Our insurance approved safes afford added protection due to the ability to insure their contents.

In either case of domestic or commercial environments, there is always a way to improve the security of the property and by purchasing an insurance approved safe, you’ll be able to achieve peace of mind that cash and valuables are secure, even when you’re not there.

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