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Strongroom and Vault design

22nd November 2021

At Associated Security, we have expert engineers and technicians available to help us develop, test and manufacture the next big thing in the security industry. Due to our vast experience within the field, our higher-security products includes the design, manufacture and installation of strongrooms and vaults. These high-security solutions provide extensive protection for many business sectors and their assets.


What does our strongroom and vault services entail?

Having Strongrooms and vaults may be crucial for some of our clients who need a higher level of security, such as those who have high-value items on-site or have substantial amounts of cash.

At Associated Security, our highly skilled engineers and manufacturers utilise the most modern design and construction methods, alongside robust materials and their expertise to create custom fabricated strongrooms and security vaults to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Our project and account management team work alongside you throughout the entire process, ensuring that the layout and design both meet your high standards and compliments the space allocated for the job.

In as little as 8 weeks our team can design, build and install a state of the art strongrooms and vaults to suit your businesses security needs.

But how would a strongroom or vault benefit your business?

Having a strongroom or vault installed within the premises of your business provides unrivalled protection for the businesses assets. Ensuring that high-value items, important documents and any cash which requires storage are sufficiently protected, will not only help to prevent your business from being targeted but will provide peace of mind that the premises are secured when you’re not there. Keeping confidential data and high-value goods in a secure, restricted area will assist in preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing private sectors of the premises.

Strongrooms and vaults provide high-security solutions to several businesses’ needs, ensuring that their building is adequately secured from theft or attack.


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