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Security tips for Christmas

1st December 2022

We have compiled a list of our Christmas security tips to keep your home safe over the holidays.

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, especially for burglars. The lead-up to Christmas is a time when many people buy gifts and treats for loved ones, which gives burglars a good chance of finding something valuable.

During the festive period, crime rates are expected to be 20% higher, so protect your home from break-ins by doing everything you can.

CCTV can help you deter thieves

As thieves fear being caught on camera, CCTV is believed to prevent 67% of domestic burglaries. Different CCTV cameras are available on the market that offer different features for securing a home year-round. The features include Smart Infra-Red night vision, Remote viewing for iPhone or Android, and Digital recordings with smart search.

Get your home lit up

Burglars can conceal their break-ins from your neighbours during the darker days around Christmas. Installing security lights around your home can serve as both a deterrent and an effective way to spot potential burglars. The lights turn on when they detect movement nearby and can be easily installed.

It is also a good time of year to decorate your house with festive lights to provide much-needed illumination.

Christmas lights with trailing cables should be avoided

Many households make the mistake of feeding the power cord through the gap in an open window while using Christmas lights. This common light setup is actively sought after by burglars (even on top floors) so that they can gain access through an open window.

Using solar or battery-powered Christmas lights or outdoor sockets will prevent intruders from taking advantage of this opportunity. You may have to purchase some new lights this year, but the cost is likely to be much lower than being robbed.

Don’t leave gifts out

Unless you have young children in the house, it can be easy to leave gifts you’ve bought for loved ones around the house in the lead up to Christmas.

The greater the value of your belongings, the more tempting your house becomes to thieves. Keep them away from windows and doors that other people can see through.

Make sure your house doesn’t appear vacant

Do everything you can to prevent a burglar from finding out that you will be away for Christmas. A burglar has more time to complete a robbery and escape with an empty home. Burglars often look for signs that homeowners are on vacation, such as a post on social media, mail left by the door, and no lights turned on.

  • Instead of posting about your holiday on social media, share it with a few close family members and friends

  • Every day, ask a neighbor to check the mail

  • If you are going on vacation, get a house sitter to stay at your house

  • Put your lights on a timer to give the impression that you are at home

  • Make sure your doors are deadbolted

Intruders often try to get into your home by picking or snapping the outer door locks. To prevent this from happening, you can invest in anti-snap locks, but it’s also a good idea to add a deadbolt to your door as it cannot be reached from the outside and makes it harder for intruders to gain access (even if they manage to snap your main lock).

Be careful when recycling packaging

If you were gifted expensive items for Christmas, don’t leave the packaging outside to advertise your new valuables to burglars. Put packaging out before it’s due to be collected, or fold it down (ideally inside out) to fit in your recycling bin.

Make sure your cash is secure

Cash makes a great gift for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones – store it carefully. Invest in a high-quality safe if you keep cash at home instead of at the bank.

Your garden shed and garage should be secure

People know they should secure their homes somehow, but many forget to secure their gardens and outbuildings like sheds and garages. Intruders can enter your main home area through these areas, which are often hidden from neighbours. A shed or garage can also be a place for intruders to store tools they can use for a break-in.

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