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31st March 2021

Luxury storage with security

Finding the ideal security solution for your home or business needs does not have to mean settling for a solution that would take away from the interior design of your premises. At Associated Security, we offer bespoke secure luxury storage solutions, tailored to our client’s exact specifications and requirements. Our luxury safe service allows our clients to completely customise their secure storage solution. With a range of grades available to choose from and luxury safes manufactured in any size or shape necessary, it has never been simpler to find the perfect security solution to compliment your premises than it is with Associated Security.

Our secure luxury storage solutions can be manufactured in our standard grades 0 to 5, offering between £6,000 and £100,000 in recommended overnight cash cover. This ensures that your valued assets and any important documentation or confidential data can be appropriately covered via your insurance provider, should you wish to add the contents of your luxury safe to your insurance.

At Associated Security, we know that security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer our bespoke luxury safe service. Creating your secure luxury storage solution alongside our expert team of designers and engineers enables you to achieve the ideal product to meet your needs. Whether you wish to store high-value jewellery, important documentation, confidential data, keys or automatic watches, we have a luxury interior feature to match all your needs.

Our secure luxury storage solutions can be fitted with a wide variety of luxury interior features such as watch winders to keep automatic watches in perfect working condition, luxury storage drawers and insets for high-valued jewellery or documentation, personalised key holders, interior lighting and a range of materials. Opting for a bespoke luxury safe from Associated Security will provide the assurance that your valued possessions are not only appropriately stored in our tested & certified solutions and therefore at a significantly reduced risk of loss, theft or damage, but also that your high-security solution has been tailored to meet the exact storage needs of these valued items, whilst complimenting the interior design or aesthetics you desire for your property.

The bespoke secure luxury storage solutions we create at Associated Security are all manufactured in our very own UK manufacturing plant. Our team of expert design and construction engineers ensure that all of our products exceed client expectations whilst conforming to both British and European standards for safes. By manufacturing our secure luxury storage solutions within the UK, this allows us to offer reduced lead times for our clients, ensuring they receive their bespoke security solution as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch with a member of the team to find out more about our bespoke security services and begin to create your very own secure luxury storage solution today! Our team of expert staff are on-hand to assist throughout the entirety of your project, with extensive knowledge and advice to offer

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