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Safe deposit boxes

19th August 2021

Key information

Have you ever wanted to find out what safe deposit boxes are, or maybe you need an extra piece of information to help decide whether to rent one? We have collected some information that might answer some of your questions and give you a better understanding.

What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is a secure metal container, commonly attached to other metal containers in a safe or a vault. It is a secure place where people can keep their valuables such as documents, family heirlooms, jewellery and other important items.  Each box comes with a lockable cassette that slides out when opened. The boxes are free-standing but bolted together in columns to form a wall. Safe deposit boxes are made of high-quality steel and often have various colour options.

What locking and size options are available?

Traditionally, deposit boxes have a two-key locking system. This particular system allows individuals to access the boxes using one key whilst a staff member accompanies them during the visit.

In addition, deposit boxes can also have an automated locking system. This type of locking method grants individuals accesses to their boxes using their own key. Besides, this type of locking system does not require staff’s supervision. Both locking options connect through biometric recognition and an access control database. This particular database monitors the entry and ensures the highest levels of security. In terms of size, deposit boxes come in various size options. The box height often varies from 50mm – 300 mm heigh in 25 mm increments. 

Pros of having a Safe Deposit box

A safe deposit box is an excellent security option for those who wish to store important valuables away from their home. It allows people to have peace of mind when protecting their essential items, especially when they are not at home or travel a lot with work. For instance, deposit boxes are generally stored in vaults and have minimal and secure access. The premises have 24/7 security and are often a lot safer than homes in general, in some cases, deposit boxes are also a lot more cost-effective option compared to purchasing a safe and installing it at your property. The last valuable benefit of the deposit box is that they are designed to withstand fire, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters. Hence, you can rest assured that your valuables are in well-protected premises.

Cons of having a Safe Deposit box

On the other hand, there are some key points to consider before going ahead with the rent of a deposit box. The vital thing to do first is to learn what items are best to keep in it before locking them away. For instance, leaving a passport or the only copy of a will might not be a great idea. Documents as such should be stored in an area that has easy access, especially if there is an emergency. Therefore, deciding what to leave in a deposit box long-term needs some planning ahead. Our tip would be not to store items such as passports, important medical records, cash, items with no insurance, and anything illegal.

There is no doubt that safe deposit boxes have some valuable advantages. If you decide to go ahead and rent one, your mind will be at peace knowing that your precious items are safe. Also, make it easier for yourself and plan what to store in it in advance.

Are you a business that considering installing safe deposit boxes?

Our company –  Associated Security Solutions, specialises in designing and manufacturing security solutions such as deposit boxes, safes, medical cabinets, and many others for commercial and business use. We also have bespoke services that allow us to manufacture products to meet individual specifications. 

We have recently completed a huge Safe Deposit Centre project where our team built the only Grade 10 vault in the North West, which stores over 2000 Safe Deposit Boxes. To find out more about the services and products we offer, call us on 0161 832 2777 or email at [email protected] 

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