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Retail Security over the Christmas period

29th November 2021

During the Christmas period, crime, specifically shoplifting, dramatically increases. In 2018, the annual cost of retail crime soared to £615 million. To protect your business and your staff members over the Christmas period. Increasing or implementing new security strategies would allow you to protect your business and staff further and discourage shoplifters from targeting your store.

What security should I have in place?

There are several simple security tasks that you can easily implement to provide a wealth of benefits to your business. Installing security cameras and burglar alarms will prevent unauthorised access to the building when the business is closed. Furthermore, it will provide video evidence of anyone attempting to break in or access the restricted areas. However, this is not always enough to deter burglars, and some may still attempt to shoplift from your store.

Another critical security action is to make sure that you are utilising your team members well. Have them dotted around the store, approaching customers to see whether they can be of assistance. This action would make the possible shoplifters’ plans to steal – a lot more difficult. By increasing, security measures such as access control can help prevent restricted areas from being accessed by unauthorised personnel and protect any cash or important documents stored, as well as the stock of goods.

Additionally, increasing security around the cash desk area will always provide benefits. Installing counter caches to store banknotes instead of within the till will reduce the risk of a higher loss should someone attempt to steal from the till, but it will also ensure the protection of staff members as they can’t retrieve the deposited cash. Using counterfeit banknote detectors won’t necessarily stop shoplifting directly. However, it will help to drastically reduce the number of fake notes accepted over the Christmas period, which will, in turn, reduce the businesses losses.

Higher security measures to consider

Installing either a Grade safe, a Deposit safe for the safekeeping of cash or valued items, or even a secure cabinet for the protection of documents will help ensure the most valued or important items remain safe.

At associated security, we have a wide range of retail security solutions and a team of dedicated account managers to assist you when choosing the right product to fit your exact requirements. Find out more about our range of security products for the retail sector or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call us on 0161 832 2777.

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