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Refurbished safes

8th August 2022

What is a refurbished safe?

We recondition a wide range of used safes across the UK at Associated Security. They are refurbished to provide a high-security solution that is as good as new. Providing safe reconditioning services for used safes enables us to provide a cost-effective solution and environmentally friendly solution to our clients.

Reducing waste is our goal

Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste and parts from used safes and security products that end up in landfills. By reconditioning these used safes, as a result, our expert engineers can fix and re-use many existing features to a high standard. This allows us to provide a high-security solution that meets the standards of a newly manufactured safe

Benefits of a Refurbished Safe

A second-hand safe offers an excellent balance between affordability and practicality. Furthermore, We offer a wide range of refurbished safes that cover domestic and commercial property needs, so you can achieve the perfect security solution at a lower cost. Additionally, our second-hand safes are refurbished to the highest standards.

Standards are still met

Our reconditioned safes are refurbished to meet all British standards for reconditioning used safes. Furthermore, our safes range is independently tested to ensure our clients that the level of security provided meets the requirements for that safe and provides a high standard of reconditioning.

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