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Refurbished and Second-Hand Safes

16th November 2021

Since the day that we’ve opened our doors, we’ve actively worked on the continuous improvement of our products and services. We have a dedicated team that supported our development and made a massive impact on our success over the years. Our teams’ experience and top-level skills allowed us to make necessary improvements on many parts of the company. For instance, we offer reconditioning services that enable refurbished safes to be part of our main product range. This particular service goes hand in hand with our company’s environmental goals. We wanted to ensure that we reduce the levels of waste within the business and give a second life to our core products – Safes. Moreover, we also built up an extensive second-hand safe offering of the industry’s leading brands. Now more than ever it is vital to put the environment at the centre of the businesses and find new ways of working that helps to reduce the impact on our planet. Hence, having Refurbished and Second-Hand Safes was a perfect way to go.

Refurbished Safes

We have many options available when it comes to our reconditioned safes. We offer reconditioned brands such as SMP, Chubbsafes, Burton Safes, and Rosengren. Available in Grades 0 to 6 and a vast array of sizes. We also offer different types of locking systems, such as key, mechanical, electronic and combination. Depending on customers’ preferences, our team of experts can find the right option to fit all requirements. The refurbished safes meet both European and British standards. This offers the ideal level of security when storing your cash and valuables.

They are also tested according to British Standards BS 7582, which are also the same tests used to manufacture new safes. Additionally, all of our reconditioned safes come with a one year warranty and can be insurance approved. By giving our refurbished products a warranty, we can assure that our products are long-lasting and made with the highest calibre materials. 

Second-Hand Safes

Our second-hand safe range is also an excellent alternative for those who want to spend less money and help reduce the environmental impact. These particular safes have all of the original parts that have been serviced and are in good condition. Some locks are often updated to new ones to: ensure the highest levels of protection and to be able to provide a 12-month warranty on them.

Our services

We have an extensive range of services that make the journey of purchasing a Reconditioned and Second-Hand Safes – a straightforward one. Our team can install and deliver the safe, whether that’s at your private or business premises. Moreover, our company offers safe relocation and removal services. These services are an excellent option for those who might be planning a move in future. Finally, we also provide a safe maintenance service that allows us to be ready to help when there’s an emergency. 

Here at Associated Security Solutions, we pride ourselves on giving a comprehensive service to our clients. Please feel free to call us on 0161 832 2777 or visit our website for more information. Find out about our Refurbished and Second-Hand Safes Today!


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