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6th April 2022

Is Physical Security Still Necessary?

Security is of great concern for most businesses, whether large or small. However, in recent times, the threat of physical security breaches has been dwarfed in businesses’ priorities by a different kind of threat – cyber security.

Cyber Security Threats

Recent reports state that nine out of ten large businesses now often suffer from cyber security breaches, with two-thirds of these occurring within the two past years. High profile cases include Sony, AOL, eBay, Ashley Madison, and several social networking sites that have made front-page headlines worldwide. With such an emphasis on the threat of cyber security breaches, it is not a surprise that physical security needs have taken a back seat within some companies. However, this shouldn’t be the case as a similarly high number of thefts and burglaries happen to businesses annually.

Protecting Your Data with Physical Security

While you may be putting a great deal of focus on securing digital data using file encryptions and passwords, you could have a server room guarded by a flimsy door or a laptop full of data sitting on a desk in your empty office. For this reason, physical security can still play a role in protecting your digital data.

Access Control

If your company has a server room or a store cupboard full of backdated files and documents, you need to be sure to monitor who has access to those specific areas of the building. Electronic access control can work via codes, fobs, or biometric technology granting users access to restricted areas.

Cabinets and Safes

Safes and cabinets can also allow the secure storage of physical security and digital data. Our safes come in a wide range of sizes, ideal for storing laptops and hard drives. Fire-resistant safes have been tested to European standards to provide the best possible protection for documents and digital data.

Associated Security Solutions

Here at Associated Security, we provide a wide range of physical security products to clients from various industries, including banking, retail, insurance, and healthcare.

With over 75 years of experience, we have become industry leaders in supplying and installing safes, cabinets, access control, vaults, strong rooms, and cash management solutions.

To discuss your physical security needs, Call us on 0161 832 2777 to speak to a member of our expert team.

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