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27th April 2022

The physical security industry has undoubtedly continued to evolve in 2021. According to Global Newswire, physical security is no longer seen as a tool to reduce and manage potential risks but more of an instrument to support the company’s digital transformation. Many businesses see the data taken from physical security tools to increase efficiency and productivity. The reports from Genetec state that over 52% of 2000 physical security leaders have expressed that one of the key solutions they will be looking into is to invest in access control systems in 2022.

Generally, organisations use physical access control systems to authorise or deny entry to their premises. It helps businesses secure their property and ensure that the only people that access their business have permission to do so. Access control can limit physical access to campuses, buildings, rooms, data centres, and many other places. In this blog, we are going to provide more details about physical access control systems that are widely popular in the security industry:

Key fobs

Key fobs are small and easy to use, users can easily attach them to keys or lanyards. Furthermore, fobs can provide different levels of access control. For instance, the permission to access specific areas of premises can be limited to only a certain type of people depending on their job role and other aspects.

Pin codes

Another modern access control system – pin codes, allows users to access premises via unique code. The code can be routinely updated to minimise security risks from users as well as unwanted access.

Key cards

Key cards are one of the most popular types of commercial access control. These particular door lock systems use code embedded in a key card to authenticate users. Some key cards include RFID activated chip, whilst others have a magnetic strip for swiping the card for an entry.

Mobile phone, app-based access control

Another modern and popular access control system is when people can use credentials on an app to unlock the premises. All they need to do is tap a button inside an app, and the premises will open using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Moreover, they can often install the required app on their tablet and watch. 

Biometric access control

Biometrics are probably one of the most modern access control systems. It allows users to enter premises via face recognition, fingerprint and palm scan. This type of system offers additionally high levels of security as identity authentication is unique to each individual.

Here, at Associated Security Solutions, we have an extensive range of access control systems to suit both home & business security needs. Our product range includes electronic access control, Paxton 10 control system, Flexi keypad system, mechanical access control, Cliq, interlocking door system and manual door locks. Moreover, we have a team of installation experts who have many years of experience in installing the security solutions. Our team undergoes training to provide the best security advice to ensure that our customers receive the most suitable product.

Our access control systems aim to support our customers with security measures. Additionally,  they provide valuable data to support overall business goals and their digital transformation. To find out more about our access control systems, get in touch with our team on 01618322777 or email [email protected]

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