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14th April 2021

You probably already knew this, because we’re pretty proud of it…but – our UK manufacturing services mean we’re a Made in Britain business!

We truly pride ourselves on our ability to design, create and manufacture a wide range of security solutions right here in the UK.

Our manufacturing plant, SMP Security, has cemented themselves within the security industry over the past 45 years. Their production of high-quality security solutions has helped them build up an unparalleled reputation as one of the last few British safe manufacturers.

UK Manufacturing

Since we partnered with SMP Security in 2013, we’ve been able to reduce manufacturing times, by upgrading machinery and making sure we’re only using the best of the best. By reducing the time it takes to manufacture each product, this has increased the number of projects and products we have been able to produce for our clients, without having to compromise on the traditional SMP techniques.

By having a manufacturing plant located in the UK, this allows our engineers and project managers to work alongside each other without complications. This communication is number 1 priority to make sure the end result is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs.

The range of products that we are able to create in our UK manufacturing plant is continuing to grow. These products include cash safes up to Grade 6 specification, security cabinets, steel doors, bespoke solutions and even strong rooms.

All of the products manufactured in our UK plant have been designed to exceed requirements put in place by the European Safe Testing standards as outlined in LPS 1183 Issue 4 and the European standard EN1143:1-2015. They are all tested and certified by the LPCB and manufactured under the control of ISO 9001.

Looking for a security solution?

If your home or business requires an added layer of security, you can be sure we’ve got the skill, stock and scope to manufacture the ideal solution.

Not only does our UK manufacturing plant provide the opportunity to create a wide range of security products, but it also means we can ensure self-delivery to all our clients.

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