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Our safe identification services

31st December 2021

What are we offering?

Here at Associated Security, we offer a wide range of products and services, one of which includes our safe identification service.

Our safe identification service is highly useful in regards to individuals who may have had a safe come into their lives unexpectedly. This means they may have no idea of its model, insurance rating, brand etc.

Our service, free of charge, will provide our customers, both current and potential, with the required information they need in order to know more about their safe.

What do our safe identification services include?

Our safe identification service works to provide the new owner of the safe with a better knowledge of the security product they now have in their possession.

Knowing more about your safe is vital in terms of having the correct insurance in place to guarantee that your valuables are safe and secure.

Having an evaluation done is quick and simple:

Safe-ID- Associated Security Solutions-Identify my Safe

Take photographs-

 Take clear photos of your safe, make sure to include any potential serial numbers, original stickers, guides or documentation which has been found with your safe.

Free identification- Associated Security-ID My Safe-Safe Identification

We analyse them-

Our expert team here at Associated Security will take a close look at the information you’ve sent and analyse it to determine the make and model of your safe.

Associated Security Safe-ID-Email- Identify my Safe

Free safe identification-

We’ll help you to determine the grade and quality of any old or obsolete safe that may be in your possession. Best of all we provide this service for free. 

What’s next?

To get in touch regarding this specific service, email us a picture of the safe and any information you may have to [email protected].

Furthermore, if you have any further questions or fancy checking out our full range of products and services don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website  or call us today on 0161 832 2777.

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