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30th September 2021

Products at Associated Security Solutions

At Associated Security Solutions, we provide an extensive product range to fit many security requirements and we are continually researching the global security market to ensure that we remain in our position as a leading security provider.  Our products range from locks, Cash Solutions, Access Control and extend to safes, vaults & strongrooms.

Our product development and design team work incredibly hard to ensure that our product range is continuously updated. Hence, in some cases, where our customers have more specific bespoke requirements, we have options to manufacture items ourselves. It is extremely important to us that we fulfil our customers’ expectations and always go above and beyond. 

Our products are designed to fit both commercial & domestic premises. Whether you need a safe to protect your precious valuables at home, or you are a business, and you require a safe to protect important documents, we have various security solutions available for you.


We have various types of locks available here at Associated Security Solutions. Our experts continuously revise our product offering to ensure that we are up to date with the newest industry developments. Whether you need a manual lock, a digital one or a combination – we will be able to guide you through the process and find you the perfect option.

Key Cabinets

Our Self-Closing Key Cabinet range is an ideal solution for a business environment. More precisely, it’s excellent for pharmaceutical settings, banking, retail and hospitality. It is available in 3 different sizes, can fit between 25 – 100 keys, and is AiS approved. The cabinets are designed with a removable index card that allows staff members to track the removal of keys. In addition, the spring-loaded “self closer” together with a mechanical lock helps to minimise the risk of theft when the cabinets are left unattended. 

High-Security Storage Cabinets

We also have a great selection of security cabinets, where you can store documents, high-value assets, vital equipment, guns and other essential items. Our medical cabinets are insurance approved and have adjustable shelving inside, making them an excellent product for business use. In terms of locking options, cabinets are fitted with key locking as standard; however, electronic, combination and biometric lock upgrades are available.

Speed Gates

Here at Associated Security Solutions, we are proud to offer our speed gate solutions for customers who require efficient, controlled and secure access to their premises. Our speed gates are constructed with the newest multi-beam infrared technology that helps deter tailgaters and detect unauthorised access incidents. Moreover, our gates can process up to 60 people per minute and can be integrated with all types of access control systems. We are also able to produce bespoke speed gates that can be designed and manufactured to individual specifications.


Our safe range extends from grade 0 to grade 6 safes. Our graded safes are resistant to fire for up to 60 minutes, offering protection for paper documents against heat/fire damage. All of our safes are tested by European standards, are insurance approved, have LPCB certifications and are manufactured under the control of ISO9001. They are built using the latest technology and production techniques. We sell various types of safes, including underfloor, deposit, luxury, reconditioned, and bespoke safes. 

Vaults & Strongrooms

Our in-house technicians have extensive experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing high-security solutions for a range of customers. For example, our customers who work with large amounts of cash on-site, hold high-value items, or store controlled drugs are at higher risk of theft or even hostage. Therefore, in these cases, our company have developed vault & strongroom solutions. All of our vaults are made to order, according to the required specifications. Our team uses incredibly robust materials whilst utilising modern design and construction methods.

Depending on customers requests, we can supply vaults & strongrooms from grades 0 – 13 together with a wide size and shape availability. 

Other products at Associated Security Solutions

Of course, there are many more products that we offer. Moreover, the list continuously expands, and that is something our team takes great pride in. Apart from the products mentioned above, we also produce security doors, modular walling, ATM’s, till and cash solutions and many more. Most importantly, we want to remind you that we provide all of the necessary services needed for safe installation. Whether you need to arrange delivery, maintenance, safe relocation or removal – we have your back!  Please feel free to visit our website and find out about all the options available or give us a call on 0161 832 2777

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