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Looking to relocate your safe?

20th April 2022

Are you planning your next office or home move? And you are looking to relocate your safe also? Of course, depending on the weight of the safe, you might be able to do it yourself. However, don’t put yourself at risk of injury, consider hiring professionals who have equipment and experience to support you.

Our team at Associated Security Solutions has it all. Equipment and experience that is needed to provide efficient Safe Relocation services. The relocation process has a few essential steps, which we wanted to emphasise with this blog, so you can have a bit more understanding and awareness on what to expect.

First: Removing the safe

As previously mentioned, removing safe on your own can cause significant injury to yourself. However, you can also cause damage to the safe at the same time. Our Associated engineers use expert equipment to safely and securely uninstall the safe before putting it in one of our specialist vehicles to avoid such damages. The last thing you would want during the moving process is to add additional stress. Hence, having a team of experts supporting you would give you that extra peace of mind.

Second: Transportation

As we’ve been in the security industry for so many years, we have built a vast amount of knowledge about what vehicles perform best for safe relocations. Our company’s lorries and trucks have Hiab cranes and tail lifts that allow our engineers to transport safes smoothly and securely. Moreover, in cases where our customers are looking for a more discrete option, we have a fleet of unmarked vehicles.

Third: Installation at the new premises

The installation process varies depending on where our customers decide to keep the safe. Safes can be installed and bolted to the floor, wall or some customers have underfloor safes, which might need more work as the process of installing an underfloor safe is slightly more time-consuming. Overall, the installation process is very straightforward; our team has many years of experience in providing efficient top-level services.

Fourth: The aftercare

Once the relocation is complete, our customers receive additional support via our helpdesk . We understand that sometimes keys get lost, safe lock batteries run out, and other issues arise. Hence our engineers are spread out across the whole of the UK to ensure that we can reach you no matter where you are.

Get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your safe moving requirements and arrange for our safe engineers to visit to remove and relocate your safe safely.

Give us a call on 0161 832 2777 to learn more about our safe relocation today.

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