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How To Defend Your Business Against Commercial Burglary

4th March 2021

Don’t fret. We’re here to share some tips on protecting your business from commercial burglary.

When owning a business, keeping the premises secure is pretty high up in the list of priorities – or, at least, it should be.

Making sure the exterior of your property has no weak spots or easy access points is definitely going to be a big help to prevent the business from becoming a target for a burglar.

But, what else can you do – other than be vigilant & make sure access points are locked?

Think Like A Burglar

By putting yourself in the place of the burglar, it will highlight any areas in which security needs improving within your site. Who knows – could even be a fun little monthly roleplay task…?

Commercial burglary could result in a pretty hefty financial blow, which would likely have a large effect on the company.

Scope out the premises to determine whether there are any easy access points of areas in which CCTV may not reach. Use the findings of your property survey to increase security where required.

Simple Security Tips to Keep in Mind

Windows are an easy access point for Burglars

Windows tend to lack in security, making them easy to manipulate open or break. If this is the case in your business, then burglars have a quick and easy way in.

Enforce your windows with grilles or bars and add alarms on the inside.

Strengthen Door Security

Installing strong, steel doors will work as an added deterrent as these are much more difficult to break into. In pretty much all cases, burglars want to get in and out ASAP so no one can catch them in the act. If it’s going to take 10 minutes just to get through the door, they’re probably not going to bother.

Many security doors also come with fire protection, which will provide extra security for the contents inside your property.

Keep Control of Keys

Issuing several keys for prohibited areas within the building or to access files containing documents could actually lower the level of security.

Although keeping important or confidential items and areas locked will keep them safe, the repeated copying of keys could result in these being lost or falling into the wrong hands.

Install access control systems within the property for prohibited areas and reducing the number of staff members’ holdings keys will help to increase the security of your business.

Alarm Systems Alert Neighbours

Having an alarm system installed will likely scare away any attempted burglars as once these are triggered, it would be hard to go unnoticed.

The ringing alarm will alert anyone in the area that an intruder has entered the building. Depending on the system you’ve got installed, it can also be programmed to alert the owner and authorities as soon as it’s been triggered.

Keeping Valuables Secure

Leaving valuables inside the building overnight or when you’re away can leave you worrying over their safety. By installing a commercial safe, this worry can be eliminated and a sense of peace of mind achieved. Commercial safes are the ideal secure storage solution for any valuables or important documents which may require protection.

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