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Insufficiently secure roof? Here’s how we helped a Luxury Goods retailer secure theirs

8th January 2021

How our composite panels saved a luxury goods retailer further attempted break-ins at Christmas

(I guess you could say we saved their Christmas, but anyway…)

Many businesses may not be aware that their property isn’t appropriately secured, even if they have all the proper locking solutions, security doors & access control. It may come as a bit of a shock, but many traditionally built roofing systems offer extremely poor levels of physical resistance – so even with all the rest of your high-security measures in place, if you’ve not taken the steps to secure the roof within your premises, you might be at risk.

In one of our most recent projects, we were approached by a luxury goods retailer, who had been repeatedly targeted and suffered a number of attempted break-ins through, you guessed it, their insufficiently secured roof.

Of course, this was something that needed to be attended to with urgency, as a stockroom full of expensive luxury goods in the run-up to Christmas wasn’t something they wanted to leave to chance, so they decided it was necessary to upgrade the security of their premises.

We were able to step in and help using a self-supporting composite panel system, installing it above the showroom without any additional intermediary or supporting steel uprights. These high-security panels were pre-finished in an aesthetically pleasing bright white, and they’re thermally insulated – an essential feature of temperature-sensitive retail and stockroom environments.

Solutions such as these composite panels are able to be fitted snugly beneath the existing building’s roofing – allowing for virtually zero disruption to the premises/business. Our expert engineers ensured that every aspect of the security ceiling was detailed and engineered to perfectly fit within the bespoke surroundings, in addition to it still offering the required level of physical resistance.

Seeing as this was a pretty urgent project, we made sure that the turn-around was as quick as possible. All components required were designed, manufactured and delivered within 3 weeks and was then immediately installed.

If you’ve got a security problem, we’ve got the solution.

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