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16th November 2022

A new venture in the business world

Would you like to start a new business venture or provide additional services to your current business? We can build safe deposit centres in as little as eight weeks at Associated Security! High-security safe deposit centres can be built within your existing premises or as a complete premise, giving you the opportunity to grow your business.

An ideal situation

Clients often wish to store personal or business assets in a secure facility outside of their homes or offices. A safe deposit centre provides a secure solution. In recent years, many banks have stopped offering safe deposit services, making our  Safe Deposit Centres solutions an ideal opportunity.

Full one-stop Deposit Centres Solutions

We offer a full one-stop business solution including the design, manufacture, and construction of our bespoke safe deposit centers. Besides website design, branded merchandise, and marketing aid, we also offer all the necessary security features and additions. Among the services we offer are the installation of highly-secure steel doors, access control solutions, security counters and windows, as well as the supply and installation of fire detection systems within the building.

latest in technology

Through the use of the latest technology, we manufacture and supply bespoke safe deposit centres that offer unparalleled security to our clients, allowing them to expand their business and provide services to their customers or provide them in the future.


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