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7th April 2022

UK manufactured controlled drugs cabinets for commercial use

Are you looking for the ideal secure storage solution for controlled drugs, medical equipment or restricted items on your premises? At Associated Security, we have a range of controlled drug cabinets and strong rooms for storing controlled drugs that offer exactly that! Ensuring that controlled medicines, equipment or restricted goods cannot be accessed without correct authorization is essential to prevent the loss, theft or damage of these items. Keeping controlled drugs within your premises requires sufficient security measures to protect these items and ensure that administration of these drugs cannot occur without warrant. Failure to secure controlled drugs, medical equipment or restricted valuables could endanger staff or the public if items such as these fall into the wrong hands.

At Associated Security, we offer a range of high-security controlled drug cabinets that are tested and certified to ensure they meet British and European testing standards. Our controlled drug cabinets were designed with Home Office regulations in mind, ensuring that the standard of security of our medical cabinets exceeds all customer expectations and regulations. Many business premises require the secure storage of controlled drugs, such as the pharmaceutical industry, leisure & hospitality industries, the education sector, and the public sector.

The pharmaceutical sector would benefit greatly from the installation of controlled drug cabinets. As an industry requires daily storage of controlled drugs, medical equipment, and restricted goods, a controlled drug cabinet built in accordance with Home Office regulations would provide the necessary security and peace of mind.
Hospitals, GP surgeries and walk-in centres must use secure storage methods to keep equipment and medication protected from unauthorised personnel gaining access. Having medical cabinets fitted within your premises prevents accidents or medicine from being administered incorrectly or without sufficient supervision.

If you are looking for a security solution that meets your requirements and regulations for controlled drug storage, look no further than Associated Security. Our high-security controlled drugs cabinets have three-way moving bolt-work, with a fixed dog bar on the hinge side, anti-jemmy door, and body profiles to ensure that the items stored within your cabinet are protected from unauthorised access and loss, theft or damage.

Call our expert team on 0161 832 2777 today to discuss your secure storage requirements and learn more about our range of controlled drugs cabinets and secure your controlled drugs, medical equipment and valued assets within your business premises.

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