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Can Controlled Drugs Cabinets Protect Pharmacies?

11th May 2022

The Increase of Pharmacy Attacks

In March, BBC NI reported, that pharmacist Conor McAreavey, from Teague’s Pharmacy Belfast, was the victim of a “traumatic experience”. Mr McAreavey says that he and his shop were attacked by a criminal in pursuit of legal, pharmaceutical drugs.

This has not been the only attack in the county recently. “It’s been happening all over North Belfast for the last couple of weeks”, says Mr McAreavey. He goes on to explain that if the Covid-protection screen had not been in the way of the attacker, he “would have been straight into the heart of the dispensary” and “could have taken anything he wanted”. 

Worldwide Problem

This also stems across the water into the USA. In March the Daily Mail reported that in less than a month, 6 pharmacies within New York City were targeted by groups of teenage robbers.

During the series of attacks, the groups overpowered staff and stole prescription medications, which are supposedly sold on the street or on the black market. 

Incidents like these highlight just how in-demand legal drugs are in the criminal underworld. This, therefore, emphasises the importance of insured medical drug cabinets for pharmaceutical companies. This is in order to protect themselves and prevent criminals from harming others.

The Importance of Drug Control Cabinets

The increasing number of robberies of pharmacies with people on the hunt for legal drugs is worrying; but here at Associated Security, we are here to put that worry to ease and we are on call to ensure that you and your company have around the clock security and protection. At Associated Security, we offer the highest quality controlled drug cabinets to give you peace of mind.

These high-security storage controlled drug cabinets are manufactured in the UK and are insurance approved. They also provide an ideal solution for various business security requirements. They also come with a variety of sizes and locking options too.

Secure your controlled drugs, medical equipment and valued assets within your business premises today!

Call our expert team on 0161 832 2777 today to discuss your secure storage requirements and learn more about the range of controlled drug cabinets we offer.

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