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Benefits of a small safe

1st January 2023

What are the benefits of a small safe?

When you think of safes, something from Oceans 11 or Indiana Jones may pop up in your head. But the truth is that smaller, more compact safes are just as functional and trustworthy.

Ideal for home and business

Here at Associated Security, we have a variety of sizes of safes available to suit all of our client’s needs. With our wide range of safes suited for both home and business use, our clients will have peace of mind. Ensuring that your security both within the home and your business is up to scratch and meets the appropriate level for your safe storage needs is essential.

In the home

Safe storage of valuables is crucial for achieving peace of mind that your home and business are sufficiently secure and at a significantly lower risk of being harmed. By storing cash and important documentation securely in a safe, you will reduce the likelihood of any damage to these valuables and documents.

Our safe Range

Our range of small safes can be fitted with a number of different locking options, which allows you to personalise your safe to suit your needs.  We offer lock mechanisms such as electronic locks with digital keypads, combination locks and even biometric locks in some cases. All our locks stand up to Vds standards and provide the best possible protection.

How Associated Security Can Help

Our safes protect your valuables from fire and water damage. Fire- and water-resistant materials are manufactured into the body of our security safes to prevent heat, fire or water damage to the safe and its contents.

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