Safe Deposit Boxes

Our safe deposit boxes are available in a number of different sizes, the systems we supply are totally bespoke to your requirements. All of our lockers are numbered sequentially and include internal hinges which enable a 96° opening angle. There are different height columns to suit the internal height of the room, and with the safe deposit box lockers manufactured totally bespoke to your needs, you can be sure the appropriate sizing is chosen. The columns are freestanding, but bolted together in place, to form a full wall… Read more…

  • Constructed from high quality 10mm steel
  • Manual and Automated locking options available
  • Includes internal hinges which enables a 96° opening angle
  • Each deposit box is operated by two keys
  • Various colour options available


Utilise space inside your Strongroom by installing our highly secure Safe Deposit Boxes, the ideal solution for the storage of valuables. At Associated Security offer a variety of Safe Deposit Lockers in differing sizes to meet the requirements of a multitude of security needs. These systems we supply are manufactured bespoke to meet the clients requirements and preferences, ensuring we can provide the ideal solution for all Safe Deposit Storage needs.

Each Column can have different height lockers to suit your requirements, from 50mm – 300mm in 25mm increments (some larger sizes are available). Columns are free standing, but bolted together in place, allowing for varying height requirements to be combined to achieve the ideal solution for each individual premises. Each locker has its own internal cassette and all lockers are numbered sequentially.

Safe Deposit locker types

Manual Locking

We provide the traditional two key system, whereby the client is accompanied by a member of staff on each occasion. We also provide this with a biometric recognition and access control database system to allow monitored access by staff and clients to the locker room. The client and customer have a key each, and together they unlock the customers box. The locker has its own metal lockable cassette inside in which to keep their property. The customer has a choice of RAL colour to suit their requirements.

Automated Locking

We also provide an automated locker system whereby the customer can be allowed to enter the locker room unaccompanied. This is also linked to an access control database. The use of biometrics allow the locker to be opened with only the customer key. This system comes as standard with cardboard fibre cassettes, but metal cassettes are an option. The finish of these lockers are generally brushed satin steel.

Access Control

Both the systems above can be linked to the access control system that we provide with the lockers, this system provides a link between the gate on the vault door to the airlock doors that provide access to the Safe Deposit Storage area, ensuring there is controlled access regarding authorised entrance at all times.

We can also provide large high grade cash safes in which safe deposit lockers can be installed, this is an extra consideration where smaller rooms don’t allow for a vault to be installed, or you may want to utilise space in a room that is currently not used. Each Safe would have a cash rating of £1m for valuables, these are especially popular with business wanting to keep larger items and precious documents.

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