Locking Bars

Our ATM locking bars provide an innovative security solution for ATM protection – ensuring only one door inside can be accessed at any given time, reducing the risks and vulnerability of both the ATM itself and the staff required to access it. With a time-delay function, our locking bars not only just provide access to one door at a time, but there must be a set time elapsed before a door can be accessed again, further reducing the vulnerability of the ATM. As the only product in the market certified to LPC1175 level 3, our locking bars provide unrivalled protection for a number of commercial settings…Read more…

  • Comprised of a set of four interlocking doors
  • Only one door can be opened at a time
  • Set time elapse must occur before door can be reopened


Our Sophisticated interlocking bars ensure that no more than one door can ever be opened at the same time whilst replenishing the ATM.

ATMs are often a weakness in many Retail Banking outlets. They hold high volumes of cash and in most instances, they are located in the exterior of the building making them an easy target for attack.

These locking bars are the only product like this on the market that are certified to LPC1175 level 3.

Our inner locking bars are comprised of a set of four interlocking doors connected by a sophisticated electronic locking system that ensures that no more than one door – accessing one of four cash cassettes – can ever be open at the same time. Once closed, no door can be reopened until a pre-set time has elapsed.

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