Cash Counting Machines

Our Cash Counting Machines provide a simple, fast and accurate way to automate counting of notes and coins. Cash counting machines offer an efficient solution to back-office management, freeing up staff time whilst providing a clear, accurate reading and eliminating human error. Ideal for retail and hospitality security – cash counting machines are one of the simplest, cost-effective solutions you can find to increase your productivity. Cash counters can be tailored to manage banknotes, coins or both – and our count by weight solutions take no time at all to provide a reading, reducing the risks of vulnerability of the cash as it can be swiftly securely stored after being counted…Read more…

  • Counts a cash drawer in less
    than 60 seconds
  • Eliminates human error, and
    the need for double-checking
  • Dual currency & language
    (14 currencies & 12 languages)
  • Provides a simple, fast and accurate way to
    automate counting of notes and coins


Count by Weight Machine

Our state-of-the-art cash counter provides a simple, fast and accurate way to automate counting of notes and coins. The cash counter is highly accurate and eliminates human error, saving you time.

The Cash Counter scale has the ability to count the contents of a till drawer in less than one minute. The scales are lightweight and completely portable and due to their adjustable display, the counting procedure can be done either standing or sitting and works well in both light or dark environments. There is no need to press any buttons during the entire counting procedure, the machine takes care of everything for you, and the subtotals are added automatically into a total sum!
Our Cash Counters are the easiest money scales on the market to operate, with its easy intuitive menu it allows the user to configure to choice. Not only is the Cash Counter a simple and efficient cash counting device, but there is also no need to send back to the manufacture for any service issues, such as calibration, as this can be done easily by untrained personnel.

Flatbed Bulk Coin Weigher

The Flatbed Bulk Coin Weigher is a compact, lightweight, portable and economical coin scale ideal for checking the contents of small bank bags within the Retail and Hospitality sectors. The basic design and small footprint make it a discerning product for those looking to count small amounts of coin.

  • Simple to use coin scale
  • Mains or battery operation
  • Also available with stainless steel scoop
  • Weighing mode 2kg x 0.5g
  • Stainless steel plate size 175mm x 180mm

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