ATM Chains

ATM Chains offer additional protection for your ATM installation, providing a further mounting point for premises with ATMs installed within, preventing attempted removal of the entire unit.

Our ATM Chains provide a secure solution to mounting your ATM to the ground, offering the optimal protection against forced removal. With three options available to choose from offering a secure fixing solution with one chain, two chains of equal length or two of unequal lengths, you can ensure that the appropriate fixing method is utilised for your premises.

The heavy-duty steel floor fixing plates provide security assurance against forced removal attempts. Our single-chain option secures the ATM safe through an internal fitting, whereas the dual chain options are fitted externally.

  • Options include single chain, twin chains or unequal lengths
  • Chain lengths of 778mm or 1219mm in length or a combination of the two.
  • Heavy-duty steel floor fixing plates
  • Fixings of HD shield anchors and machine screws supplied as standard.
  • All options can be retrofitted.

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